The development and integration of the systems and database elements of your project are extremely sophisticated. To properly achieve each of your goals, and to enable you to properly define each stage of your project, pureCommerce has broken down Web site development into three tangible steps. In order to fully understand and scope the development requirements for your project, we undertake a Concept Analysis and Systems Definition phase prior to implementing your project. This technical documentation ensures that there will be a fully defined specification to build the project… a "blueprint" for the construction of your final system. This blueprint includes detailed written descriptions of all features and functionality, use-case scenarios, process-flow diagrams, data models and hardware/software requirements as described below.

Step 1 - The Concept Analysis

The initial step is our Concept Analysis. This process allows us to bring your initial concepts to a concrete level. We will review both your business and Web applications direction as appropriate for the goals. The deliverable of this stage is a detailed Systems Analysis Document that allows us to exactly specify the requirements and features of your Web site as well as estimate a price range for development of the Systems Definition Plan. The steps in the Concept Analysis are:

  • Identify and obtain all available documentation.
  • Interview business experts and stakeholders.
  • Document interviews with key stakeholders
  • Analyze the information from interviews and existing system documentation.
  • Obtain information components (data/objects)
  • Record notes, minutes, and summaries
  • Define partner issues and compatibility requirements.
  • Review the application overview with the stakeholders.
  • Develop a Systems Brief and Development Summary.

Step 2 - pureCommerce's Systems Definition Process

The next step is to define the system processes. The objective will be to details the complete programming requirements and defines the specific tasks and timetables that must be undertaken to complete the project. Once a definition plan is developed, you will have full coding specifications and pureCommerce can begin the actual development. The steps are:

  • Identification and definition of your Web-based business requirements.
  • Produce a complete description of the design including workflow diagrams with narrative.
  • Validation interviews with your team to review the completed workflow.
  • Conceptual and physical data models.
  • Content feed specification and design.
  • Payment requirements specification.
  • Data entry requirements specifications.
  • Security requirements specification.
  • Description of the SQA requirements and methodology.
  • Process flow diagrams.
  • Definition of all reporting requirements.
  • Specifications for all hardware and hosting requirements.

The deliverable of this stage is the complete Systems Definition Plan in written hard-copy format as well as price range and time estimates for development of the project. Once this written definition is accepted, the project implementation can begin.

Step 3 - Project Implementation

  • The final step in the process is the actual coding and/or configuration of your Web application and site and will be estimated after the Systems definition is complete. Upon acceptance of the design documents, we will follow these steps to build the Web site. Hardware/Network implementation
  • Programming and coding
  • Interface with existing feeds
  • Functionality testing
  • User interface integration
  • Quality assurance/testing.
  • Bring to the Internet.

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Client Testimonials

Your team was able to expand on my expectations and translate them into a fantastic Web design. Through your efforts, you were able to develop a unique Web site that presents our company with an outstanding image.

Michelle Baker, Marketing Summit Technology

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