Manage your Entire Site through a Single Interface from Anywhere

Image showing the pureEditor Site Structure view.

Accessible on the Internet from locations you determine, your content is available to all your individual content contributors simultaneously. Keywords and metadata can be implemented both site-wide and on a page-specific basis with email notifications and complete administrative reports showing all levels of granular activity.

Easy Editing, Easy Accessibility, Easy Consistency, Easy Searching

Easily Create pages with the built in templates.
WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor

pureEditor's Rich text WYSIWYG editor enables you to format your text without needing to know how to program HTML, and is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. Its built in page templates make it possible to easily create pages that are accessible to all your visitors, including visually impaired users using modern Web Readers. Because all the content appears within the context of your design, all your pages share a consistent look and feel that reinforce your brand. Intelligent content and database text searching makes locating content among thousand of pages a breeze, without any effort on your part.

Put on a show with the Slide Show Creator
Use the Form Builder to Create Your Own Custom Forms

Interact with your users via custom forms you create yourself with the built in Form Builder. Just enter what you want to ask your visitors, choose what kind of form field to use, what the possible responses are, and save your page. You now have a custom form on your site that automatically e-mails visitor responses to the addresses you designate. Use the Slide show creator to generate a popup slide show that takes your visitors through a series of pages of either images, text, or both. Create image galleries and tables with specialized page templates. You can even import data saved as CSV files into the table builder.

Version Control

pureEditor versions. Multiple versions of the same item can exist. Approval can be made required for versions

Multiple versions of the same page can exist and be switched on demand by an authorized user. You can have a current version which is live, a backup of a previous version, and a revised version which is under development. The versioning can be applied to either specific areas or all areas to ensure harmonious branding. Review and approval of page versions can be performed remotely via email triggers with links to approve or disapprove changes along with each reviewer's comments.

Integrated Asset Management

pureEditor File Library

Your content can be supported and related to other objects such as digital imagery, images, video and audio organized in a central location. Display detailed file information for all JPG, GIF, DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, AU, MP3 and other digital assets. With the integrated asset management, you will be able to ensure the consistency of your brand throughout the Web site. Non-HTML Content (Word, PDF, video, audio, etc.) can be attached directly to pages as a downloadable file.

Easily Manage Dynamic Content

the pureEditor Activity Log
Page Appearance and Publication controls

The separation of content from the presentation layer means that you can easily change your design theme without the content being affected. Key features such as content scheduling and expiration, version history and rollback allows for complete content flexibility.

Granular Admin Access

You are able to completely track who authored the original content, who entered it into the system, and who has made changes to the text.

Granular security enables you to assign certain sections of the site to individual administrators, and grant an appropriate level of access to each user. Dynamic navigation means that when you create or edit pages, the site structure is automatically updated.

Flexible Pre-built integrated modules

More than building individual pages, pureEditor built-in integrated modules allows for enterprise power with ease of use. Each pre-built module works in concert with each other.

  • News Module

    the pureEditor News Module Article Editor

    Put your organization's news online with the pureEditor News Module. With it, you can create both articles of your own and lists of links about your organization that have been published elsewhere. Articles can appear organized by categories, or in a simple list. Each article features version control for easy updating, simple WYSIWYG rich text editing, the ability to add a picture and caption and/or a downloadable attached file, optional contact information fields to allow your visitors to get in touch with the article author, and an article summary used for article listings and promotional areas. Each article can be easily related to other articles, to make it simpler for your visitors to learn more.

    The system has a complete array of publication controls to allow you to determine when the article is available, when the article should be archived, and facilitate article pre-approval (if desired) by stakeholders in your organization. The News Module uses pureEditor's Content Groups and Content Associations, enabling you to manage related content pages and news articles, and reuse shared content.

  • Staff Directory

    the pureEditor Staff Directory

    Feature your people with the highly configurable pureEditor Staff Directory. Each entry can be anything from a simple one paragraph bio to a comprehensive page comprising contact information, location, educational background, specialty, a photograph, and a link to an individual's web site -- you decide which features are presented to your visitors. Present your staff listing as a single list, or organize it by department. Because different kinds of organizations use different terms to refer to their staff members, the system can be customized to use your industry terms ("faculty", "staff", "attorney").

    Many organization members write articles or publish papers in professional journals. The pureEditor Staff directory makes it simple to republish these articles on your own site, and list them on their author's biography page.

  • Event Calendar

    the pureEditor Event Calendar is searchable, and is styled to match your site

    Publish your events with the pureEditor Event Calendar. Events appear in a calendar, styled to look like the rest of your site, organized by event type. Visitors can search your events by type, date or keyword. Each event is indicated in the calendar, and is listed with event type, title, description and contact information. If you choose, you can require registration or reservations for events, and the system will track the event capacity, number of seats already reserved, and how many seats are still available. When a visitor registers for an event, the system can be configured to send e-mails to both the administrator and the registrant.

  • Employment Opportunities Module

    the pureEditor Employment Opportunities Module admin Job Listing

    The pureEditor Employment Opportunities Module offers complete administration of job listings throughout the position's life cycle, from internal listing, to publication, to fulfillment to archival storage. Job status can be modified manually, or you can set up automatic updates to update job status on a certain date without further intervention. You can assign jobs to groups to reflect your organization's structure.

    the pureEditor Job Listing and Search

    On the public site, users can search for jobs and apply online, and upload their resume. Job listings can be configured to show only the fields you want to show. You view applications using a simple web interface; you can either list all applicants at once or view them in the context of the job they applied for.

  • Product Module

    the pureEditor product administration

    Gain extra flexibility when describing your products with the pureEditor Product Module. Products can be organized by category, and can contain long descriptions (for a product detail page) and short description for overall product listings. Both descriptions can be edited with the pureEditor WYSIWYG rich text editor. You can assign each product a small, medium and large image, which will appear in the product list, product detail and product page respectively. In addition, you can attach up to four documents to each product - great for product manuals or brochures. Each product features version control for easy maintenance and has a complete array of publication controls to allow you to determine when the product is available, when the product has been discontinued, and facilitate product pre-approval (if desired) by the appropriate people in your organization. To facilitate integration with other systems (including, but not limited to, pureCommerce) each product can be assigned an external identification number and web address.

    If you've developed a loyal community of users, you may want to use the product review feature. Users submit reviews of your product; once approved, the reviews are listed on your site.

  • Support Module

    Reduce your support costs with the pureEditor Support Module. The support module makes it easier to create answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting articles. Each item consists of a short summary that's presented on a listing or search page, as well as a more in-depth response that's shown on its own page. You can organize each section by category, and link each item to one or more of the Product Module products. Like the other modules, the support module features publication controls to allow you to control when and if the item is available to the public.

Maximizing Business Potential

Client Testimonials

Recently we received a great compliment from an unlikely source; one of our major competitors told us he was "impressed with the site," and that we "put together one of the most navigable sites" he's seen.

Roger Brown, President Bright Horizons Family Solutions

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